Moon in the Wind

Render of a city street at night, illuminated only by the faint light from windows and lampposts. The green ginkgo trees on the sidewalk sway and rustle as a gust of wind passes through.

Today, the sky was overcast. I got up early, and took the bus to the library. My day was spent within its quiet walls, primarily solving some problems of the services deployed on my server. I tackled a few issues with my self-hosted YunoHost, including successfully installing pgAdmin4, the web interface for PostgreSQL. I resolved a caching bug in my self-hosted WordPress multisite network, and updated a few technical blog posts. I also read some philosophical and anthropological articles.

By evening, I was fatigued and hungry. I had Yokohama Iekei ramen for dinner at a restaurant near the library. I walked home amidst trees swaying with the breeze, not gently. The night wind was strong and chilly. Once home, I took a bath and read some contents on Japanese language education. I then checked the plants on my balcony, noticing more sprouts emerging from the soil than yesterday. The sprouts, pushing through the earth, had scattered the soil around them. The contrast was stark between the wet soil (dark brown from today’s rain) on the surface and the dry soil (light brown) pushed aside. I then retired earlier than usual, the quarter moon casting a clear light into the room.

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